Tuesday, 21 February 2012

thieving toe rags

Well it has been quite a while since my last rant but I have been building up my frustration with this subject for many years!

I have been the victim of robbery on several occasions, having my car smashed into and everything stolen and also my beautiful vespa being stolen last week.

I've just been reading the newspaper and found an article about the new series of "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings." Apparently a bunch of these travellers say they're forced to steal because we "don't give them no work." This seems to be a pretty general attitude for a lot of people across this failing country.

So many people, even young teenagers are going around and mugging people, stealing cars, conning the elderly and so on. Apparently it's because they're all "hard done to."

This drives me absolutely beserk, nearly all of them are on benefits which means their yearly income is a damn sight higher than mine! If I could sit on my arse all day drinking special brew and lying about having some sort of disability I certainly wouldn't be complaining that i can only afford the 42" plasma TV.

I saw a program yesterday on TV, some dorrstep crime 999 thing with Gloria Huniford. This showed another fine example of absolute scum living the high life on the backs of others.
There were a couple of middle aged men who conned one gentleman out of £250,000! When caught they both had around £500k in bank accounts and safety deposit boxes.

£500k?!?! I am a lifetime away from even being able to afford a new boiler just so we have heating which works and yet I haven't decided to break in to the lovely audi sat in the car park (I might add someone has indeed broken into the lovely audi this morning!)

If I could I would love to get every single person who feels that they're being forced to steal etc a slap around the face and I'd send them to africa with no food or water for a few months and see how hard done to they feel then.


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