Tuesday, 21 February 2012

thieving toe rags

Well it has been quite a while since my last rant but I have been building up my frustration with this subject for many years!

I have been the victim of robbery on several occasions, having my car smashed into and everything stolen and also my beautiful vespa being stolen last week.

I've just been reading the newspaper and found an article about the new series of "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings." Apparently a bunch of these travellers say they're forced to steal because we "don't give them no work." This seems to be a pretty general attitude for a lot of people across this failing country.

So many people, even young teenagers are going around and mugging people, stealing cars, conning the elderly and so on. Apparently it's because they're all "hard done to."

This drives me absolutely beserk, nearly all of them are on benefits which means their yearly income is a damn sight higher than mine! If I could sit on my arse all day drinking special brew and lying about having some sort of disability I certainly wouldn't be complaining that i can only afford the 42" plasma TV.

I saw a program yesterday on TV, some dorrstep crime 999 thing with Gloria Huniford. This showed another fine example of absolute scum living the high life on the backs of others.
There were a couple of middle aged men who conned one gentleman out of £250,000! When caught they both had around £500k in bank accounts and safety deposit boxes.

£500k?!?! I am a lifetime away from even being able to afford a new boiler just so we have heating which works and yet I haven't decided to break in to the lovely audi sat in the car park (I might add someone has indeed broken into the lovely audi this morning!)

If I could I would love to get every single person who feels that they're being forced to steal etc a slap around the face and I'd send them to africa with no food or water for a few months and see how hard done to they feel then.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Well todays rant is about roundabouts. Or more to the point people not using roundabouts properly!
I'm sure everybody has experienced people going all the way round a roundabout in the left hand lane, or nearly been hit by people failing to indicate.
My two recent narks on roundabouts have been all the more frustrating, and terrifying due to me being on my scooter!
A couple of months ago I was on my way to work and was heading straight over in the right hand lane. The van to my left however was going all the way round, in the wrong lane, without indicating. It managed to clip my leg as I had to swerve to make sure he didn't run me over as I exited the roundabout. This was genuinely terrifying! And has ensured I never use the right hand lane on my scooter anymore unless I have to.
The second event was tonight which happened on the very same roundabout on my way home. This time a car merging into my left hand lane, and very nearly me! whilst still going around and without indicating.
People really need to learn to use roundabouts properly, and certainly need to pay more attention to people on bikes!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

city on fire!

Well it's unavoidable at the moment in our merry old country. A direct link to my previous post we are now surrounded in chaos and riots.
Copycat riots have moved around the country including my fair city of Nottingham. The point? Who knows! It all started as a stand against police brutality and quickly turned into an excuse for a bunch of scummy lowlives to steal things they would need atleast two weeks of benefits to afford! God knows none of them HAVE worked for anything in their lives or else they'd understand the damage they're causing!

The worst part in my view is the fact that these rioters are forcing our country further into debt. They are so used to free money being dished out to them that their values become obscurred, and they fail to realise the money it will cost to repair the damage done is in the millions already.
So many points of this whole affair have had me shaking with rage. I still stand by the fact I believe all of these young scum bags deserve to be thrown into military school and teach them some damn respect!
The following thread is from facebook and I agree with it so much I am brining it on here too!
Broken Britain ~ You went soft on discipline!. You went soft on immigration !You went soft on crime. Parents were told. 'No you can't smack the kids'..Teachers were prevented from chastising kids in schools.. The police catch ~ the court lets them off..Common sense isn't very common. Well done Britain..You shall reap what you sow. We have lost a whole generation ! Lets get back to PARENTS being responsible for their children's behaviour and stop blaming everyone else. Copy & paste if you agree

The only saving grace in my opinion of this situation is how it has brought communities together.
Photo's in the paper today of people in london lining the streets, volunteering to clear up as a stand against the lawless.
This gave me a warm tickly feeling inside, making me feel truly proud to be British.
We all need to stand together as a nation on this and make sure we rise above the turds of the world!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Crime and Punishment

Well it's time to begin with my first real blogger rant, brought on after watching a very touching and incredibly heartbreaking itv program named "someone's daughter, someone's son." This is a new series showing the damage caused to families and loved ones as a result of a murder.

Tonight's episode was about a young woman named Jane Clough, a nurse who was brutally murdered outside the hospital she worked in by the father of her 9 month old daughter.
This poor excuse for a human being named Johnathan Bass had repeatedly raped and attacked Jane, and after the threat of prison when Jane reported him to the police went on to stab her
As tragic as this story is the real thing which made me angry was the lack of care and consideration Jane recieved in the months before her death.
After reporting her partner to the police he was taken to court to be charged with the rape and evidence he had already been violent, along with being a heavy user of steroids, the judge saw fit to release John on bail.
This was undoubtedly the reason Jane is no longer alive, as it gave an animal time to build up enough hate to take action and end a young mother's life.
Not only this, but after Jane's death when John Bass was found guilty for her murder, the judge decided not to charge him for any of the rape allegations, the very reason Jane had found herself in the centre of such a nightmare to begin with.

This isn't the first time I have heard about the disgusting way victims are treated by our judicinal system. Not long ago I had read that Judge Peter Fox had rejected many different claims of sexual assault on young children, in one case giving a man a suspended sentence for assaulting three teenagers after the judge decided the victims were "silly."

There has been alot of talk lately of a petition on facebook which is trying to bring the death penalty back to england, and has naturally caused a fair amount of debate.
Personally I neither approve nor disaprove of the idea. In a case of a convicted premedetated murderer who was proven absolutely to be guilty, then a lethal injection seems a fair way to rid the world of someone who had caused terrible pain and suffering to others. I know if I lost a loved one to a murder and knew absolutely the killer had no remorse, I certainly wouldn't want them to enjoy the gift of life.
However I also feel that ending another humans life is never acceptable, and would provide no moral highground.

The thing I feel most strongly about is what should be done with offenders of smaller crimes, such as shop lifting etc. At present these people are either put in prison or into young offenders institutes where they are provided with food, water, a roof over their heads, plus access to xbox's, playstations and nintendo wii's, and in some cases even being taken on trips to theme parks.
Not only is this a MASSIVE waste of tax payers money, after all most law obiding people of this country right now can't afford game consoles or trips to theme parks, but it is rewarding bad behaviour!
As for the older offenders they will be sent to prison, where they will learn absolutely nothing, come out after a few months and then offend again.
Our prisons are overcrowded, dangerous criminals are being released early because there just isn't the room.

The solution, in my opinion, is simple. I believe all offenders of less serious crimes should be forced into some sort of military training, or indeed into joining our armed forces.
Many people who commit petty crimes such as shop lifting etc are inconsiderate toe rags who don't give two stuffs about who they hurt or the amount of money they cost their victims (I know this first hand after having my beloved vespa stolen by a boy just a year younger than me.) And I believe that learning discipline and respect, and learning to see exactly what real men and women do for our country.

Phew! Well that is the first of my very long rants! It is very difficult to stop once I get started :P Thanks to anyone who makes it all the way to the end!

Ness xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hello everyone and welcome to bitchi-ness! This is my outlet to rant until my heart's content about all of the things which wind me up on a daily basis, and that's alot of things!

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